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About Us


NESTIFY means transforming your house into a home, or your "nest". A place you want to be. That's what we do at NESTIFY, we help you create the home of your dreams and do so by providing an easier, simpler way for furniture shopping. 

The old way was to try, then buy. And if you've ever been on a mission to buy furniture, you know that it is physically and mentally draining to walk from store to store, quite often to several large stores. Keeping track of the items you've seen and not seen is also tiring, even for the most organized of us. If you don't buy something, then it was a complete waste of time. If you do, more money will be spent on delivery and getting it all unpacked. What if once it is delivered you don't like it in your home? The thought of returning it and going through the process all over again seems even worse, so you keep the furniture, and hope you get used to it. 

NESTIFY's process is buy, then try, risk free:

1. Go to our online store

2. Choose furniture in your favorite finishes and fabrics

3. Purchase online and set up a delivery schedule that works for you

4. Open your door to our free delivery and unpacking service 


If you're not happy with the furniture, you can return it at no cost, we will even pick it up for you. Just let us know within 7 days that you would like to exchange the item(s) and we will arrange. Just make sure it is in the same condition as it was delivered to you--no scratches and stains please. Please see Returns for more specifics.