We continually evolve into a more sustainably focused company. 

Here are some of the ways Nestify is already strategically focused on sustainability:

  • Certified sustainably-sourced teak,

  • Use of natural rattan, one of the most renewable materials from an environmental standpoint 
  • All of the chairs are reupholsterable, and we will continue to develop styles that are
  • Fabrics that won’t fade and are easy to clean/wash
  • High quality foam for longer lifespan
  • High quality craftsmanship for long lifespan, if properly cared for
  • Recyclable packaging materials.
    • NOTE: Boxes and paper wrappings are recyclable but at this point the plastic is not. We are working to improve that.

Nestify Fiver is our unique approach to address the negative consequences our planet faces due to overconsumption. It consists of five R's: 

Reduce: our products are built to last.

Repair and Reupholster: Nestify Repair and Reupholster is our repair and reupholster service so your products can last longer. 

Reuse and Recycle - we encourage you to reuse your products through finding new ways of using them! Different color fabrics, use in different rooms. 

Please email us at if you have questions, feedback or want to share ideas on this topic or other topics.