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Co-founders Margaret Sellergren and Kazu Watanabe met during their MBA in 2014. They’ve been working together since March of 2018 when they started to map out a business plan at a cafe in Tokyo over coffee and Japanese pancakes. They literally grew up on opposite sides of the planet, which creates an interesting team dynamic. Margaret, straight outta the prairie, grew up in Iowa, and Kazu was born and raised in Tokyo. They met in Singapore, and decided it would be a good place to get this business up and running. They value openness, detaching from ego, an adventurous spirit, and keeping a sense of humor. Having a partner isn’t always easy, but it makes it a lot less lonely and a lot more fun.  

Margaret studied English Literature at the University of Iowa. Her first job was a paper route at age thirteen and has been pretty much working ever since. Growing up, her family would escape the harsh Iowa winters for solace in the Caribbean where she was exposed to the hardwood furniture found in the tropics. Her parents went on to open a furniture store in St. Croix in the Caribbean in 2003. Margaret’s background consists of project management, quality management and sales and have all been helpful since starting Nestify. When she's not focused on her business she's spending time with her two children, Theodore and Clover. Margaret holds an MBA from Singapore Management University.

Kazu was educated at Waseda University where he studied law. His diverse work background includes investment banking, consulting, and the tech industry. Today he can be found bringing calm out of chaos, driving strategy, building relationships and looking for new opportunities. He holds an MBA from Singapore Management University.